About Global Personnel Services

About GLOBAL Personnel Services

Global Personnel Services, Inc,  is an independent, full-service staffing agency located in Columbus, Georgia. Founded in 1997, we have built a solid reputation for providing the most skilled and professional personnel that the staffing industry has to offer.  In our region, Global’s employees represent our company by providing dedication, hard work, and diligence. We staff employees in facilities and companies in the Columbus, GA, and Phenix City, AL areas.

Job Categories:

We offer temporary staffing services in the areas of…

  • light industrial
  • clerical
  • specified medical placements

To meet the staffing needs of local area businesses, hospitals, and nursing homes, our medical division specializes in RN, LPN, CNA, Phlebotomists, and Medical Assistant placements within our region.

The nature and scope of our agency is to assist our clients with their human resource and employment needs. By providing qualified employees, our agency can adequately and efficiently assist with staffing shortages and unexpected temporary needs.

As you review our services, we feel confident that you will be impressed with our policies regarding stringent background checks and drug testing procedures. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Internal Quality Assurance:

Qualifications for Employment:

We require that anyone seeking to be employed by our agency meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least two years of experience in the area they want to work
  • Clean criminal background
  • Pass drug/alcohol screen

Reference Verification Protocol:

  • Global Personnel Services, Inc. performs reference checks on each applicant during the hiring process.
  • Once an employee has completed his/her application, a member of our office staff will phone the contact name and number provided to us by the applicant on their employment verification form. We then verify the information via telephone or fax depending on the requirements of that facility.
  • We obtain the following information:
    • dates of employment
    • eligibility of re-hire if no longer employed.

Hiring Process:

Global Personnel Services, Inc. performs the following actions when hiring an employee to become part of our agency:

  • Processing of application
  • Verification of reference checks/previous employers
  • Submitting consent form to run a background check; no felonies allowed.
  • Must pass a 10-panel drug screen.

Orientation Services:

Global Personnel Services, Inc. will provide general safety training to all employees. Any specific safety training will be provided by the client. Global will also make sure that employees are aware and adhere to the job duties set forth by the client. We will provide each employee with a copy of the job description.

Permanently Hiring a Temporary Worker:

Global Personnel Services, Inc. allows clients to hire employees at no additional cost after a ninety day period.


References are available upon request.

Time Reporting: Time should be turned in the every Monday by fax to 706-649-6780, or email to hr@ghsol.com.

Termination Provision: Global Personnel Services, Inc. will strive to find your company a replacement for an employee who is released based on performance or conduct. We will do our best to find a replacement within 24/48 hours. Global Personnel will take care of handling letting the employee go at the company’s request.

Proposed Payment Schedule:

Global Personnel Services, Inc. requests a 30-day net due to the payment system.

Staffing Services At A Glance:

24-hour staffing including weekends and holidays.

by Autumn Amos, “About Global Personnel Services Columbus, Ga.”